Vibratory Ginger Sorting

Product Description:

A kind of closed and lightweight water Remove though linear vibrating sifting equipment that is commonly used, it uses a vibration motor as the vibration source, which make the material jump in straight line on the screen of the sifter, materials evenly go into the feed port of the linear vibrating screen from the feeding machine, generate multi-standards materials through the Two layer screen and be discharged from each discharge hole.


  • Less energy consumption, low noise, long service life of the screen.
  • High accuracy in screening, high yield and simple structure
  • Totally closed structure, automatic discharging, more suitable for assembly line work.
  • The weld joints of each part of the sieve body adopt rolled plate and proximate matter (part of the group adopt bolted connection), it has such characteristics as good integral rigidity and fastness and reliability
Transmission Structure Eccentric Vibrating Shaker
Usage/Application Industrial
Type Of Machine New tech
Technology Washing
Capacity 100 kg per hour
Motor Power 1 HP
Brand New tech
Automation Grade Automatic
Country of Origin Made in India
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