DMM Digital Moisture Meter

Product Description:

DMM AGROworks on the principle of dielectric constant variations due to change inmoisture content of the agro product.DMM-AGRO measures MOISTURE ofthe agro-product or a sample in a non-destructive way within about 30 seconds.The meter is provided with inbuilt automatic temperature compensation for thereading being displayed. The latest Integrated Circuits based efficient DMM-AGRO provides long battery life. The Digital Moisture Meter - AGRO does notcontain any moving parts hence gives long maintenance - free operating pleasure to the users.
We are sure that all our valued clients will be highly facilitated by use ofthis DMM AGRO and will enjoy performing moisture measurements with it.

Product Specifications
1 Operating Humidity Range 0-40%
2 Sensitivity +/- 0.1%
3 Size of Meter 125 mm H X 150 mm W X 210 mm D
4 Power Consumption 003 watts approximately
5 Samples Size 250 CC approximately
6 Power requirement Four pencil cells
7 Weight Less than one Kilogram
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