Best Quality Seed Grader Cum Cleaner

Product Description:

Seed Grader Cum Cleaner Capacity on Wheat bases at 12% moisture content and 10% Impurities. New Tech Agro Industries Equipment is one of the leading Best Quality Seed Grader Cum Cleaner Machine Manufacturers in India of Seed processing machines and plants for cleaning, grading of all types of seeds, grains, spices, pulses, oilseeds, fruits, vegetables, etc.

Features :

  • Corrosion free screen mode up of MS.
  • Separation is carried out in different stages.
  • Designed with sound and dust Sroof technology for Pollution control integrated comSact unit.
  • JSW, Tata Steel brand MS Sheet
  • 10 14 gauge sheets
  • Bearing make SKF/NRB/NTN etc.
  • Motor make Crompton, ABB, etc.
Model No. NTA-G53 NTA-G63 NTA-G73 NTA-G103
Capacity 1-1.5TPH 2-2.5TPH 3-4TPH 4-5TPH
No. of screen Two/Three Two/Three Two/Three Two/Three
Top Screen Scalping Scalping Scalping Scalping
Middle &bottom Screen Grading & under size Grading & under size Grading & under size Grading & under size
Screen Size 65cm*150cm 95cm*150cm 100cm*200cm 120cm*200cm
Power 5HP 5HP 6.5HP 7.5HP
No. of Aspiration One/Two Two Two Two
Screen Cleaning device Balls & Nylon Brush Balls & Nylon Brush Balls & Nylon Brush Balls & Nylon Brush
Dimension (L*W*H) 2460 x 1585 x 2290mm 3100 x 1810 x 2380mm 3150 x 1980 x 2590mm 3120 x 2125 x 2585mm

Key Features and Functions:

1). Pre-Cleaning: Removes large and coarse impurities.

2). Cleaning: Removes fine impurities, dust, and lightweight materials.

3). Grading: Sorts seeds into different sizes and weights.

4). Aspiration System: Uses air to separate light impurities and dust.

5). Sieves and Screens: Different sizes for various seed types and grades.

6). Adjustable Settings: Allows customization based on seed type and required cleanliness.

7). Capacity: Varies based on the model, usually measured in tons per hour.

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