Advance Agro Digital Moisture Meter

Product Description:

Moisture Meter that is specially designed for precise measurement ofmoisture in the grains. Equipped with a single chip computer concept, ourmoisture meter has cemented our place among the well reckoned Grains MoistureMeter manufacturers and supplier Widely Used For Following types of Grains:- Food Grains, Pulses, Oil Seeds,Vegetable Seed,Rice,Paddy,Wheat Etc.

Features: Temperature -Automatic

  • Direct Reading Display for allcommodities, Separate code for each commodity, No Arithmetic Required.
  • Display- 2 x16 character alphanumeric LCD display.
  • RS232 Port - Facility to print Depositor detail, Moisture reading, date,time,etc
  • Autocalibration - Automatic using a simple key operation
  • DataLogging - Can record temperature and moisture at various date and time
  • facility : Print facility throguht USB,Blutooth,Wifi etc.
Product Specifications
1 Type Digital Moisture Meter Western make
2 Usage/Application Used for check moisture content in grain
3 Temperature Range 5 -50 Degree Celsius
4 Accuracy +/- 0.2
5 Warranty 1 Year
6 Battery 9 v
7 Weight 9.5kg
8 Power Supply 220 v
9 Power 220v and battery operated
10 Brand Western
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